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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  March 19, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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>> welcome back, everybody, another fox news alert. forces loyal to leader muammar gaddafi are reportedly assaulting a rebel strong hold of benghazi, but the opposition says they're holding back the vandals. here you can see rebels celebrating on top of what they say is a captured government tank and have more to cheer. french aircraft in the skies working to keep libyan fighter jets at bay. rick leventhal live from eastern libya, what is day
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it's been there, rick. >> reporter: jamie, we've moved to a location outside the city limits of benghazi, because the fighting was so foors inside the city, we woke up to the sound of tank fire this morning and witnessed a jet being shot out of the sky. we want to show you the video that begins on a shot of the clouds as our photographer was up on the roof at the sound of a jet overhead and he he he was rolling on that jet, it was hit by anti-aircraft fire on the ground and you could see the impact on the jet and you can see fire on the jet as it then hurdles-- no.... >> jamie: all right, we are going to check back with rick, because the connection, as you can imagine in libya, as this is unfolding, we'll check back and rick has had to be on the move because of the dangerous conditions on the ground. we'll bring you more when we have it. >> kelly: all right. meantime the u.s. and its allies are moving in to try and end the violence against
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civilians in libya. president obama describing the effort today during his trip to brazil. >> and people of libya must be protected and in the absence of the immediate end to violence against civilians, our coalition is prepared to act and act with urgency. >> kelly: joining us now doug schoen, and gentlemen, thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. >> kelly: it's a fluid situation as you heard secretary of the state clinton talk about. the president, while he's talking about it still has not defined what the strategic objective in libya, other than he wants gaddafi to be held accountable and out. so is he making that case very clear? >> i don't think he is, kelly. i think it's a positive development that the president has said that we will support the coalition efforts and the french efforts to oust
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president gaddafi or colonel gaddafi. i think it's positive that he's enforcing the no-fly zone and reports the international effort, but i don't have a clear sense as to what the scope of what we're doing is, what role we're going to play other than that he hopes that we don't have to use ground forces and bottom line, i think that when he the united states has to take a back seat to the french government and the arab in terms of defining our national interest and our national policy, that's regrettable even though things are heading in the right direction, the way they have to be. >> kelly: it's taken about three weeks to get to this point right now and a lot of people on the ground in libya, the rebels in fact, were very concerned and saying it's too late. is it too late in your view. >> i don't think it's too late. it's unfortunate that our president is more of a reactionary than a visionary leader.
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he was three weeks delayed on taking action in libya, action we maybe should have taken three or four weeks ago. having said that look what's happening in north america and the middle east. and the president knew this was coming and why is it he waited so long to be dragged to action, an action that america should have led on in the beginning. the fact that this president won't tell us what the game plan is, other than to signal to the enemy we will note use ground troops. i happened to agree with colonel cowan on the program early. this was a terrible signal to gaddafi, knowing in fact that the americans are not committed to removing him. so they'll bomb him, he'll reorganize and wait us out or he'll promise another cease-fire, he's going to play games with us, he knows this president not committed to getting the job done. >> kelly: and he know the cooperation on implementing the no-fly zone and nicolas
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sarkozy said that coalition forces, on protecting the benghazi, says, quote, our planes are already preventing air attacks on the city. is that enough support from britain and france? or should the united states be willing to do more as far as tomahawk missiles, planned to do later tonight? >> look, i can't speak for our government, but we have to be prepared to do more. we have to be-- >> do you mean by that, put in u.s. ground forces. >> i don't think we can rule anything out, kelly. here is the bottom line, if if gaddafi doesn't go, we face the risk of international terrorism. he he's done it before. he's basically said he'll do it again, we have to leave all options on the table, and totally support the international efforts to remove him, to implement a no-fly zone and protect the city of benghazi. >> kelly: and a very good point. brad, he brings up a good
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point and a lot of people are concerned and john brennan, that gaddafi could launch a terror strike against the united states or our allies, is that really possible? we know that he has weapons at his disposal that could be used for terrorist attacks? >> desperate people do desperate things. we know the type of terrorism he's been involved in in the past and we know he's willing to do that. and it's backed up against the wall and he's willing to go down. it he retains power he'll be a good boy for a little while and then take revenge on those who go against him. >> this is a cancer to be rooted out and ronald reagan said it the best, he's a bad man and the arab league resolved he has to go. >> kelly: and lt. colonel cowan, telling us there must be ground forces-- might there be special forces that would go in under the concealment and secrecy to
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take out muammar gaddafi and his 42-year reign? >> kelly i would hope there would be. at this point the problem we're getting and brad and i, we're different political philosophies, but on something like this, we absolutely agree, and something like this, you want to have a sense of the clear resolve and purpose of the administration. not in terms of specific tax particular, but in trms of overarching goals and so far, i don't think we have it. i think we need a speech from the president and the secretary of state to clarify both our national interest. our national-- most of our national resolve. >> kelly: gentlemen, let me raise this question real quick before you go. brad, i'll direct it to you and doug, let you weigh in. we heard peter doocy's story before this, former president ronald reagan made it very clear that he thought that gaddafi was a mad dog and had to be dealt with and stated to the american people clearly,
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he was decisive. what are we looking here in the obama administration right now? >> we're lacking the resolve of our president to put his chips on the table and be principal. america should stand by our allies, and in our allies are leading us, there's something terribly wrong. we should be leading on this subject along with our allies and putting a coalition together that's meaningful and sends the message of gaddafi your days are numbered. we will do whatever is necessary to have you remove. >> kelly: doug? >> couldn't agree more. a statement of national reserve and from the president and secretary of state. all options on the table. gaddafi must go and we will protect the people of libya, period. >> kelly: gentlemen, thank you. good day to you. >> jamie: well, in other news of the day. former secretary of state warren christopher has died. christopher was a key figure in peace efforts in bosnia and the mideast in the clinton administration and headed a panel that pushed a number of los angeles police reforms
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after the rodney king beating. a spokeswoman for christopher's law firm saying he died from complications from kidney and bladder cancer. he was 85 years old. >> kelly: we're now learning specific new details what kind of military fighting power the u.s. will be using in libya. and what we plan strikes. a live report from the pentagon is in moments we're also tracking the nuclear crisis underway in japan. a live report from there as well. this incredible video from a tsunami survivor. stuck in his car when the monster wave hit. what would you do if you were behind the wheel of that vehicle? we'll show you what happened next. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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to shore and sweeps across the road. you're looking at it and the driver said he had no time to react and decide today ride it out until the rushing waters settled. fortunately he made it out alive to show the world this video and tell his story of survival. >> it's incredible. and the death toll is rising again in japan. more than 7,000 people are now reported dead. nearly 11,000 are missing. crews are closer to restoring power at a damaged nuclear plant though as high radiation levels turned up in food produced nearby. there's a lot of concern about that, too, david piper streaming live from tokoyo, where trace amounts of radiation are turning up in tap water, david? >> reporter: that's right, jamie, radioactive iodine has been detected in tap water here in the japanese capital. the japanese authorities do say it's still within safety levels. radioactive materials are entering the food chain. after that fukushima plant.
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they've been looking at food stuffs there and say it's within products such as spinach and milk. there has though been one positive development today off of that plant. about 150 miles northeast of here on the coast. the engineers say they've successfully attached now a power cable to two of the reactors at the plant. and this could be crucial, it is because if they can power up the cooling system, it could very well help those reactors cool down. a japanese government spokesman says there's now some stabilization at the stricken number three reactor, also. now, that's important because there was a fire there earlier and that is the only plutonium reactor up with that plant and that's extremely dangerous for the japanese public, because if plutonium gets into the atmosphere and has a much longer life and much more in the way of medical problems.
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engineers say they are unable to cool the reactors at this time because of the problems because of electricity and they've gun on the record to say they need to see action at that plant to see that the cooling systems can come into effect. if they can't. there's still a danger, they say, of a meltdown and then the final solution of course, to stop any kind of catastrophe is to put concrete and sand on top of that chernobyl style and to protect the japanese people. at the same time, the relief operation for the hundreds of thousands of japanese people left out in the open because of the quake and tsunami a week ago continues. we're talking about millions of people either homeless or in an evacuation shelters and we're hearing tales of misery out there. they really can't get enough kerosene up to these people to keep them warm and also, there
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is very limited food supply up there and people seem to scavenger from the remains of the buildings. >> jamie: and so many stories, and what could happen to that plant, as you said chernobyl style. david piper, thank you. >> kelly: tough times in japan and definitely difficulties going on in libya where there's breaking news. reports of french war planes now destroyed four libyan tanks and we're now learning details how and when the u.s. military will join the fight. we're live at the pentagon coming up. he'd yet to he of mutual funds, iras, or annuities. back then, he had something more important to do. he wasn't focused on his future but fortunately, somebody else was. at usaa we provide retirement solutions for our military, veterans and their families.
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>> a fox news alert. an international military
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effort underway at this hour to enforce a no-fly zone over libya. the u.s. working with european and arab partners to stop leader muammar gaddafi's forces from attacking civ civilia civilians. deploying military to the region in recent days to prepare for its role in the the mission. our jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. what's the latest you're hearing from there? >> kelly, what we know in the next 15 minutes, sorry, in the next half hour at 3:15 p.m. eastern time we can expect an on the record, on camelm briefing here at the pentagon on the latest u.s. involvement in creating the no-fly zone in libya. we'll bring you the latest at 3:15. we know there are a number of u.s. naval ships in the mediterranean, we have at least two destories, u.s.s. berry, u.s.s. stout, at least
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one submarine, the u.s.s. providence, all capable of firing tomahawk missiles. military sources tell me what we can expect, as soon as there is nightfall in libya, those american tomahawk missiles are likely to start striking libyan air defense systems, if you remember back to previous times where there were shock and awe and no-fly zones were set up in iraq and elsewhere, often the u.s. military will fire after dark, when night falls in order to decrease the number of civilian casualties or collateral damage involved, so we can confirm that u.s. assets and naval assets have not been involved in the initial hours of this creation of the no-fly zone, you've seen the libyan jets. our own rich farlow. with rick leventhal in benghazi shot some amazing
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footage not long ago, caught on camera what looks like a mig 23 shot down over benghazi, amazing footage of that plane going up in flames as it's shot down and not clear what brought it down, but we can say that our own rich harlow, an extraordinary cameraman i've worked with in the middle east caught this video. but again, what i'm being told is that we can expect in the coming hours for the u.s. to begin firing tomahawk missiles at the air defense systems of muammar gaddafi. >> kelly: jennifer, we thank you very much for that. please keep us updated. jennifer griffin from the pentagon. >> jamie: so we heard the latest u.s. plan as french war planes fly missions, reportedly destroying four libyan tanks so far. how difficult will it be to enforce that no-fly zone over libya? let's bring in national security expert mike barrett, a former intelligence officer for the office of secretary of defense, also a senior analyst for the chairman for the joint
2:53 pm
chiefs of staff. thank you so much for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> jamie: what a day. it seems like the plan for the u.s. has changed, although the president has said no ground troops, we have to enforce a no-fly zone and protect citizens on the the ground. what do you see as on the table? >> well, i think, you know, obviously, we'll be using the missiles we were just hearing about and looking at the radar sites, taking out aircraft as well as possibly tanks and other vehicles. the real question, not so much can we do it? they have old outdated technology and we have excellent order of battle and truly, truly exceptional equipment and the issues are this is hastily thrown together and as secretary of defense gates said recently, this is an act of war, it takes time to plan these things and frankly, the u.s. military is stretched pretty thin right now. so we're biting off quite a bit more. the issue is not can we do this can we do it for a day, a week, but a year, five years, ten years, we were in iraq at
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least ten years doing no-fly zones. >> jamie: the question is also, who specifically will do it? which of our forces that are not already allocated? today, secretary of state hillary clinton said, and i can almost quote, that libya has lost all legitimacy, did it have to get to this point in order for us to do what we have been told by jennifer griffin is on the table and will be done? >> i think that's actually the question still, what will be done. we say we're going to do a no-fly zone and protect civilians, but not introduce ground troops so i'm a little concerned about a lack of clarity about our objectives. there are a lot of folks in the community, myself included, who think we probably shouldn't be doing this, if you're doing it, you have to be in hard and clear. >> jamie: what do you mean we shouldn't do this, shouldn't say we won't use ground troops, or was it a mistake to
2:55 pm
say whether or not we would go with our troops on the ground. >> two aspects, one it's a mistake to get involved unless there's a clear national security interest and that's where i don't think we've been clear. i don't think you can leave gaddafi in power once you take these actions, so therefore, we need to be clear the end state is not protecting the civilians, the end state is regime change. that's a different paradigm. essentially you can't use this madman who's used terrorism globally. once you say in power, it's not just saying using graund troops, willing to be use ground troops because you can't leave him in power. >> jamie: the focus of the hour, what will the u.s. do? i want to remind our viewers, she is-- jennifer griffin is reporting from the pentagon, working the weekend, this is a big deal.
2:56 pm
before i let you go, is it a game changer, where are they in it. >> it's a game cheengechanger, wanted an arab coalition. and we'll be providing missiles and support from navy ships and looks like we lying on italy and france providing the air power. >> jamie: mike barrett, great guest, thank you for being with us. kelly. >> kelly: the story of the day, u.s. and allied forces moving into libya, coming up we'll get unique and inside perspectives from the former libyan ambassador to the united nations. he resigned his post over gaddafi's violent handling of protests. we'll get his thoughts now about international forces are about international forces are stepping in. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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